Posted by: ckckred | June 1, 2012

Yes, Charlie Sheen’s coming back to television

Yes he’s back, this time on FX

Charlie Sheen’s perhaps the most unlikable actor working in Hollywood right now.  He’s arrogant, obnoxious, rude, and his rampage last year was way over the top.  And yet people still watch him.

Sheen is actually a pretty decent actor.  He starred in two notable Oliver Stone movies, Platoon and Wall Street. But he also starred in one of the most unpleasant and overrated sitcoms ever made: Two and a Half Men, an unfunny show that somehow managed to get multiple Emmy nominations (and yet The Wire has received none).  But even in that show, Sheen was okay, far from deserving any recognition, but still better than the rest of the cast and the insufferable Ashton Kutcher, who no one would at least publically admit made them laugh.

And now Sheen returns to TV on June 24th on FX.  It makes sense Sheen would enter FX’s domain: they do play reruns of Two and a Half Men, plus Sheen seems in a perfect mold for a FX comedy, which usually branches in crude humor, like Louie and Archer.

But both Louie and Archer are critically acclaimed and hugely hilarious, and I’ve had more laughs in a minute of the show than I probably would have watching Two and a Half Men.  But let’s go on to Sheen’s new show Anger Management.

Anger Management is based on the Adam Sandler film where a man deemed with anger issues goes to a rage-stricken therapist played by Jack Nicholson.  I’ve seen the film, and like everything else Sandler’s done, disliked it.  I thought it was a mean spirited comedy that wasn’t very deep to even fill a Saturday Night Live sketch.

So why would they choose to adapt it as a TV show?  Maybe it’s because of the casting.  Charlie Sheen, who’s taking the Jack Nicholson role, is known for his rants (as I stated above).  But couldn’t they do something that critics actually enjoyed?  Look at M*A*S*H, a movie well beloved by fans that also was beloved as a TV series.

But what surprised me most is that FX said if the first ten episodes are successful, then the show will be renewed for a hundred more episodes.  Has a deal on TV ever been like that?

Anger Management does have to set a very high ratings bar to do this however.  I’m sure plenty will watch it, however, though not as much as FX hopes for.  All I care about is that it doesn’t cause the network to cancel one Louie.



  1. I’m Sure It’ll Do Alright.
    And NO, I Won’t Be Watching It hehehehe

    • Me neither. Sheen’s just an unlikable actor and I’ve never quite understood the appeal of Two and a Half Men.

  2. I think Charlie Sheen’s a good actor. He was funny in Two and a Half Men, but I agree his rampage was way over the top. I think Ashton Kutcher is doing a good job with the show now. How are the ratings?

    • I said before he was okay but compared to the other actors. I still disliked him on the show, but he was good in Platoon and Wall Street.

      I only saw some of Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men and thought it was even worse (if that’s possible). Kutcher ranks along with Tyler Perry, Adam Sandler, and Rob Schneider as one of the unfunniest guys in Hollywood.

      As for its ratings, the show has taken a dip, but still gotten a renewal.

  3. I didn’t realize the show was actually a tie-in to the movie…That worries me, to say the least.

    I’m not a fan of Charlie Sheen’s work and I’d be OK if he never worked again in show business, but FX has surprised me with all of its original shows so far, so I’ll give it a shot.

    • I like FX comedies, and I might give it a shot if it’s like Louie or Archer. But it might just be like an episode of Two and a Half Men.

      Either way, I still have a raging dislike of Sheen.

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