Posted by: ckckred | May 30, 2012

Can a premise get any weaker? Board Game Movies

Taylor Kitsch in the special effects heavy movie…

Hollywood’s always looking for something to make into a movie.  They’ve used books, which have worked very well (most great films are based upon novels).  TV shows have fared okay, with strong results from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut and Borat, but have also spawned The Last Airbender.  By the 90s, they started turning to video games, a terrible idea that never worked (look at Super Mario Bros. and Laura Croft: Tomb Raider for proof).

But recently, Hollywood took a worse turn by making board games until films.  Yes, it’s a sad day that movies had to come to this.  Recently, Battleship came out, which is based of the Hasbro game, and soon Adam Sandler will be in an adaption of Candyland.

This just screams “bad idea” out loud, and Hollywood just doesn’t seem to get it.  How exactly can you make a board game into a film?  And more importantly, why would anyone attempt it?

…compared to the actual board game.

To be fair, Battleship isn’t actually about the board game with two navies duking it out with missiles.  They don’t even say “you sunk my battleship.”  Based on the reviews I’ve read (there’s no way I would want to see such a bloated mess) is that aliens invade Earth and the world’s only hope lies in the hands of the guy who starred in John Carter.

So it didn’t surprise me when Battleship flopped.  On its opening weekend, it was crushed by The Avengers, securing only $25 million.  By Memorial Day, the film has only garnered $47 million domestically.  Maybe Taylor Kitsch should stick to TV.

For those of you who have followed my blog, you know I carry a grudge against Adam Sandler.  I think his work is lazy, poorly plotted, and he cares more about money than making a decent film.  That’s probably the reason why he signed on to Candyland, which is based on the board game that has you running through a candy world.  There’s absolutely no skill involved in the game.  You just pick up cards that decide your move.

Maybe the producers can take a lesson from Battleship and cancel the project.  Even today’s audience (which loves films like Transformers) refuses to watch films based off board games, hence Battleship‘s poor box office gross.  Or perhaps they can keep a similar premise, but just NOT SAY IT’S BASED OFF A BOARD GAME.

It’s just a bad idea in general.  I liked Taylor Kitsch in Friday Night Lights, one of the most underrated TV shows of all time, but I’m wondering why he is in so many bad movies.  I can’t say the same for Adam Sandler, but maybe if he actually brightened up his comedy then I might enjoy his work.


  1. For a board game based movie, Clue worked really well and that is literally the only board game that I think could possibly work as a film on any level. Can’t wait until we get the inevitable Chutes and Ladders movie so we can officially declare Hollywood as ‘out of ideas’.

    • A movie based on Clue could actually work, but I have yet to see a board game based film that is good. I think sooner or later Hollywood might put out a movie for Chutes and Ladders or (God forbid) Hungry Hungry Hippos.

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