Posted by: ckckred | May 25, 2012

The Sherlock Watch: The Reichenbach Fall

Jim Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes face off in the season’s thrilling conclusion

Note: If you haven’t watched the season finale of Sherlock yet, spoilers alert!

“The Reichenbach Fall,” the second season finale of Sherlock, is based on Doyle’s The Final Solution.  Doyle hated Sherlock Holmes and was more interested in writing other novels.  So, in a move that upset long term fans, Doyle killed Holmes off.

“The Reichenbach Falls” is different than Doyle’s version, yet has the same overall theme (also, for those who got the references, Reichenbach Falls is where Holmes dies in the book and there is actually a painting of it in the episode).  After learning his arch-nemesis Moriarty has found a secret code that could unlock any door, Sherlock attempts to defeat him.

But Moriarty won’t let Sherlock go off easy.  He tricks the police into believing that Sherlock’s a fraud and that he actually commits all the crimes so it looks like he solved them.

This was the part of the episode I thought should have been stressed more, and I would have liked to see Watson even question Sherlock’s credibility.  But it was still traumatic to see everyone turn onto Sherlock.

And then, it came onto the end, where Sherlock and Moriarty had there last battle.  Moriarty taunts Sherlock, and forces him to jump off a building, or else Watson and his other friends to be killed.  And when Sherlock realizes as long as Moriarty is alive, Watson will be alive, Moriarty kills himself, leading Holmes to commit suicide in order to save his friends.

I got a little teary at Watson’s address to Sherlock’s grave.  But I guess I knew that the writers wouldn’t really kill out Sherlock.  We’re given just one shot of him, looking over at Watson.

The episode was a little confusing, and I probably didn’t explain the ending very well.  But overall, it was strong and proves that Sherlock‘s the best miniseries on TV.

So where will Sherlock go from here?  Will Moriarty come back from the dead?  Will we find out how Holmes managed to survive the jump?  Will Watson get married in the new season?  The writers will address this in the next series, which is sure to be as spectacular as the first two.



  1. Nice review. Always a pleasure to meet a Sherlockian.


    • Thanks! Sherlock deserves to have more Sherlockians.

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