Posted by: ckckred | May 23, 2012

Trailer Analysis: Skyfall Teaser

The James Bond films have always been a favorite of mine, so no matter what I’m going to see Skyfall.  I like Daniel Craig as Bond, but I only semi-enjoyed Casino Royale (probably because I fell asleep during it.  Don’t judge, I was jet-lagged).  I didn’t like Quantum of Solace though, which I thought was messy and poorly plotted.

The teaser for Skyfall doesn’t indicate much about the film, but it keeps the newer series’ coldness.  I enjoyed it very much, as teasers are almost always better than the actual trailer, but am still a little uneasy on what to think of the film.

Nevertheless, the teaser was good, and probably has excited most Bond fans.  Definitely a film to put on your watch list.



  1. I haven’t seen much press for this movie. Have I been under a rock, or do you think they aren’t really promoting this movie as much as they used to promore Bond movies?

    • The movie’s not coming out for a while, but Skyfall actually has had some decent promotion so far, but MGM’s disastrous bankruptcy has hurt it.

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