Posted by: ckckred | May 21, 2012

Harmon gets fired from Community

Community recently finished off its third season and recieved a renewal for thirteen more episodes.  You’d think that maybe life would be a little bit easier for the show, but apparently not.

Yes, Sony Pictures Television gave the axe to Community creator Dan Harmon, who also is the show runner.  Pretty much, they’re saying, “Thanks for making one of the best shows on television.  Oh yeah, you’re fired.”

In defense of Sony, Harmon was not apparently the easiest person to work with.  He’s like the Stanley Kubrick of television: he pays attention to the most minuscule details which sometimes throws off the schedule.  Plus there was his most recent feud with Chevy Chase.

But like Kubrick, Harmon got some terrific results.  Community‘s one of the most critically praised shows on television.  It has a very loyal audience, despite its small size.  It has clever writing, great directing, and fantastic acting.

Perhaps the reason for Harmon’s firing was Community‘s ratings.  Yes, Sony and NBC care far more about ratings than critical praise, otherwise how do you think Harry’s Law got a second season?  Community works well because it doesn’t try to be a broad dumb comedy, like the ones that play on CBS.  It’s a show which operates using parodies and pop-culture homages.

How will Community be without Harmon on the reins?  When the creators leave their own shows, it usually doesn’t lead to positive results.  Was The West Wing the same without Aaron Sorkin or NYPD without David Milch?  Sure, Seinfeld was still successful when Larry David left, but what would happen if David left Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Harmon’s part of Community was as big as David Chase on The Sopranos or David Simon on The Wire.  You just couldn’t imagine the show without him.  Harmon’s being replaced by two producers from the other SOny-produced sitcom Happy Endings.  Let’s hope they don’t change Harmon’s formula.



  1. When Community was firing on all cylinders it was the perfect show, but this past season there were a few eps that I just didn’t even crack a smile at. Not saying Harmon’s absence is a good thing but I’m curious to see what happens to the show.
    I also can’t shake the feeling that Sony picked Chevy Chase over Harmon…And who watches Community for Chevy Chase?

    • The third season of Community was rockier than the second, but good nonetheless. Harmon’s firing is insane to me, as he is the heart and soul of the show. I don’t think Sony fired him because of the Chevy Chase dispute, but if they did it was a bad move (I agree with you Pierce is far from being the headlines of the show).

      • The reason I keep going back to Chase being the cause is because they didn’t outright cancel the show. We’ll see, though.
        Either way, I’m looking forward to what’s next for Harmon

      • I think I heard that Harmon’s going to do a new show, but I don’t remember what it’s about or what channel it’s on. I wish him the best of luck.

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