Posted by: ckckred | May 15, 2012

Editor’s Note: What’s coming up in May

As May is winding down, I’ll be sending out reviews and multiple posts.  I should see Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator soon, and should write some posts on Mad Men and the season finales of Parks and Rec and Community, plus SherlockVeep, and Game of Thrones.

There’s plenty of films coming up.  I’m looking forward for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, which is opening at Cannes.  Other movies coming out are Men in Black, about 10 years after the last one, and Battleship, a film that unfortunately reminds me of Transformers.

But what are you looking forward to seeing?



  1. (I’m really behind in reading blogs)
    Other than Spider-Man, Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, all of which I know I will see in theaters, I’m not sure if I’ll see anything else. One theater near me runs classic movies every Wednesday night, so those are always fun.
    Looking forward to Breaking Bad starting back up in July!

    • I’m interested in Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, and will see Moonrise Kingdom this weekend, but I feel this summer will be a little empty.

      Oh yeah, they’ve just announced Breaking Bad’s coming back in July. That may be the highlight of the summer for me (though I don’t understand why AMC decided to put only 8 episodes this year).

      • I agree about the movie barren summer…Shame, too.

        From what I can gather, it was a contractual thing to only allow one more season, but they want to milk it a la Sopranos season 6. Hard to complain because more Breaking Bad is better than nothing!

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