Posted by: ckckred | May 11, 2012

Community is renewed… but I’m not entirely happy

Yesterday was a happy day for Community fans.  NBC finally started listening to its critics and gave the show a well-deserved season 4 renewal.  Based upon this, I should be cheering right now.  Community is one of my favorite shows on television, and it richly deserved a fourth season.

I was when I first heard of the announcement, but then I discovered NBC is putting it on its midseason schedule, meaning it will have only 13 episodes.  What?

I’ve come to not expect much from NBC, but seriously?  Community works really well because its a year-long show.  Its best episodes usually are the special themed ones, like Epidemiology or Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas.  Making a 13-episode season will be depriving fans from this pleasure.

Of course, I’m not saying Community will be unfunny.  It will probably be great.  And perhaps my anger is a little unfair.  After all, Community does not have very high ratings (it usually gets around 3 million, terrible for a broadcast network).  And at least NBC didn’t cancel the show, or make it its final season.

But let me just say this: NBC is the network that lets The Biggest Loser and Law and Order: SVU dominate its schedule.  If Community can’t get a full season, but those shows can, it’s a sad world.


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