Posted by: ckckred | May 4, 2012

Sherlock returns this Sunday

Back in December, I saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, a movie which I described as “not necessarily great, but not bad either.”  Soon after that, I heard about the BBC version Sherlock.

From the first looks, Sherlock should not be a good series.  It’s sent in present day, something which many reboots do to make themselves blow up, while Guy Ritchie’s Holmes is set in his own era: the late 1800s.  Yet Sherlock is clearly superior and I’ll tell you why.

Sherlock, despite being in present day, is more loyal to Arthur Conan Doyle’s series than Ritchie’s interpretation.  Ritchie has Robert Downey Jr. not as the legendary detective but as an action hero, something which Doyle did not intend his character to be.  Ritchie’s version is enjoyable to watch, but not satisfying for any fans of the original stories.

Sherlock, however, retains the element’s from Doyle’s stories.  Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch of War Horse fame) is more like the original Holmes.  Holmes is a little socially awkward like other TV detectives such as Columbo and Monk, but is still invigorating.  And there’s Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman from the British version of The Office), who’s a veteran of the Afghanistan War, a change to suit the modern-day principal of the show.  Yet this works because it gives us more insight on Watson, as we learn he’s still damaged from the war, and adds interest to the character.  And of course Watson’s and Holmes’ relationship in the series is the strongest element in the show.

Unfortunately, there are actually only three episodes for this season (why British TV, why?), but will be 90 minutes long.  I suggest for viewers to turn their TVs at 9 to watch Sherlock and ignore Ritchie’s reboot.  Trust me, it’s a good ride.

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