Posted by: ckckred | April 28, 2012

Sam Raimi plans to make a Poltergeist remake

Let me just tell you something: I really don’t like horror films.  I despise them, and always try to avoid them in theaters.  There’s a few I like (honestly, how can you dislike a film like Jaws or Psycho, though Jaws ismore of a thriller), but that’s about it.

Poltergeist is one of those horror films I like because it’s a fun film.  There are plenty of scary parts sure, but it also has comic relief (such as the mother trying to flush the pet bird down the toilet).  Plus, it has a terrific script written by Steven Spielberg, who also produced the film with Frank Marshall.

And like most of the stuff Hollywood churns out these days, MGM is planning a remake.

When I first heard this, I was completely against the idea.  But then I heard Sam Raimi is going to produce the project.  Raimi made The Evil Dead series, which I have not seen but heard it has bits of humor in it too.

I’d rather see MGM try to get Steven Spielberg involved back in the film, but with Raimi in the leads, it could be good.  He’s already planning an Evil Dead remake due next year, so it’d be interesting to see what a remake of Poltergeist would look like.  Just please don’t do what the sequels did.


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