Posted by: ckckred | April 22, 2012

My Thoughts on Tribeca

I wrote before saying I was going to Tribeca, which I was greatly excited about.  And man, was it sure fun.

I’m not too sure what other major film festivals are like, but at Tribeca, it almost seemed a pretty normal day for most of the people there.  Maybe it’s because I arrived around five when most of the major movies play later at night (as I was coming out of the theater there was a red carpet spread out with the filmmakers walking along).  The theater was filled with mostly directors and film students, but on the streets I’m not sure how many people actually went to the festival.

Unfortunately I could only see one film, Avant Garde Masters: A Decade in Film Preservation.  The other film I was planning to see was Postcards from the Zoo, which unfortunately played at the same time.

Avant Garde Masters: A Decade in Film Preservation actually isn’t one film, but eight short films all made over thirty years ago.  They were all shown on separate reels not in digital format, but their original 18 or 35 mm.  They were all preserved by special libraries and colleges, and it was a real treat to see them as they should appear.  I couldn’t imagine seeing them digitized, as it seemed only proper to see them in their original format.

I’ll post a review on Avant Garde Masters later this week.  But I’d also like to mention that Martin Scorsese was supposed to attend the film (unfortunately he couldn’t make it, but he spoke positively about the filmmakers).  But perhaps the highlight of the night was actually meeting Michael Moore, who was walking down to see one of the films (he is a judge at Tribeca) and I greeted him with a friendly handshake.

I’m trying to get tickets on Thursday, as I am excited to see what’s in store at Tribeca and I’m excited to see what’s coming.


  1. This was my first time going to Tribecca as well. I highly recommend going, it’s wonderful to hear the directors and producers speak after viewing their movies.

    • It’s a really great experience, and I highly recommend it for any movie fans or filmmakers.

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