Posted by: ckckred | April 20, 2012

Veep, Veep!

This Sunday, HBO will premiere Veep, a show starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (best remembered from the classic comedy Seinfeld and the less significantly The New Adventures of Old Christine) and created by Armando Iannucci, a political satirist who made the British TV series The Thick of It and the spun-off film In The Loop.

I’m not familiar with Iannucci’s work, but I am interested in the concept of the show.  From what I’ve seen in the promos and read in reviews, Veep has Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing the Vice President, who constantly argues with her staff, complains that she doesn’t have the same role as the President, and shout out many profanities.

It sounds a lot like The West Wing if it was done about the VP, was a comedy, and played on HBO.  But I’ve heard varying things on the show, some good (such as Tim Goodman), some mixed.

On an interview with Jon Stewart, Dreyfus explained the series and how she visited D.C. to get an idea of the story.  It’ll be interesting to see the show.  Plus, it’s got Arrested Development‘s Tony Hale in it, so that makes it worth watching.



  1. I hope this show finds an audience. I think it looks hilarious

    • It certainly looks funny and has the potential to become a comedy version of The West Wing. And I’m a big fan of Dreyfus and Tony Hale, so it will certainly have great performances.

      Thanks for commenting.

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