Posted by: ckckred | April 14, 2012

The Three Stooges Review: A Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

Moe, Curly, and Larry try to raise $830,000 to save their childhood orphanage.

If you asked me who were the greatest comic troupes ever, I’d tell you the Marx Brothers, the Monty Python gang, and the Three Stooges.  The Three Stooges has been funny to me my entire life.  I remember watching them when I was a few years old, and laughing out loud at their hilarious slapstick humor.  And still today I love them.  In fact, my most anticipated thing for New Year’s day isn’t the ball dropping down or the resolutions.  It’s The Three Stooges marathon on AMC.

Some critics dislike their humor, and call it dumb, and would wondering why I would consider the Stooges to be in the same ranks as the Marx Brothers or Monty Python.  Maybe it’s because I saw them on an early age, but I’ve always loved their humor.  Despite their constant fighting and eye-poking, the Stooges really did care for each other.

So my first reaction when I heard the Farrelly brothers were planning a Three Stooges movie, my thoughts were negative.  The Farrelly brothers do a lot of slapstick, but to a really low-IQ.  I thought they’d make it like a sequel to Dumb and Dumber.

But what really surprised me was that I actually did like The Three Stooges.  Maybe it’s because I went in the movie theater expecting to hate it, but I actually did laugh a considerable amount of time.

I’ll have to give credit to Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos, who do make good Stooges.  The casting before had called for actors like Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn, Hank Azaria, Johnny Knoxville, and Jim Carrey as the Stooges, but the Farrellys wisely picked three smaller actors instead. I just can’t see Sean Penn as one of the Stooges.

The story starts with the Three Stooges, as babies, being thrown into an orphanage (founded in 1934, a reference to the original formation of the Stooges).  The Mother Superior of the orphanage (Jane Lynch) accepts them in, but the boys get on the other nuns, particularly Sister Mary Mengele (Larry David, yes I’m being serious, and he’s good too).

The Stooges grow up to 35 still living with the nuns, and discover that the orphanage will grow broke due to the economy.  So Moe, Curly, and Larry decide to raise the $830,000 necessary to save the orphanage.

During their travels, the Stooges get involved in a murder plot against a millionaire, who was a former friend at the orphanage and actually has a close relationship with Moe, and even make it to reality television.  During this, the Stooges push a man in front of a bus, nearly kill a dolphin, jump off a hospital, play with peeing babies, and do those famous Stooges gags (eye poking, sound effects, etc.).

The film is divided into three segments, a smart decision since the original Three Stooges films were shorts.  And the film’s not that long either, only 92 minutes.

Listen, I liked the film more than I probably should.  The story isn’t that original (the saving the orphanage was already done in The Blues Brothers), but the film does retain much of the humor of the original Stooges, not quite as great but good enough.

Their are some relentless cheesy parts the film could have done without, such as a very small sub-plot involving a few kids at the orphanage.  Plus, there was some of the Farrellys’ usual gags.  But overall the movie was pretty funny.  I would have preferred a biopic and would recommend watching the original Stooges instead, but hey, it’s good and it’s funny.  Maybe I’m saying this as a Stooge fan, but I think you’ll get at least a few nyuk nyuks out of it.


  1. Couldn’t believe Farelly Brothers took this on. Looking forward to seeing it though.

    • It’s better than the trailers made it look.

      • If it’s better than the Haley Berry, “Catwoman” film, I’ll follow you ckckred. lol

      • Thanks!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to hear you liked it. I’d like to check it out. I was not expecting a positive review.

    • I wasn’t expecting it to be very good when I entered the theater, but I exited happily. It’s far from being a comedic gem like the original Stooges shorts, but it’s not one of those awful reboots Hollywood usually pulls off each year.

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