Posted by: ckckred | April 6, 2012

The Community Watch: Pillows and Blankets

Jeff tries to straighten things out between Troy and Abed

Last week’s episode of Community “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” had Troy and Abed’s friendship tested to the limit as Assistant Dean (and Air Conditioner President) Laybourne set both friends to fight for the world’s largest pillow and blanket fort.  This week saw the epic conclusion and how was it?

Community is at its strongest when it does parodies with character analysis and development.  A good example wood be last year’s Christmas episode, a spoof of those old claymation specials. But what makes the episode one of my favorite is Abed’s reactions.  Abed imagines that the world has turned into clay, and he and his friends have gone into a magical adventure to find the meaning of Christmas.  But the episode was really about how Abed just wanted to be with his friends for the holidays.

This two-parter reminded me of another pair of Community episodes, the two-part series finale that had City College battle the Greendale gang.  In season 2, Pierce’s place in the study group is questioned, as he is featured as the villain in most episodes.  But Pierce save Greendale from being bought out by City College, and leaves the study group (at least until the beginning of season 3).

“Pillows and Blankets” was a parody of Ken Burns’ documentary on the Civil War (it was really funny for me to see, as I am a big Ken Burns fan).  Greendale is split into two, one part is for Abed for a pillow fort, the other is Troy for a blanket fort.  In last week’s episode, Troy argued that a blanket fort is easier to make, and they therefore have a better chance to make the world record.  But Abed believes the fort should be only made of pillows to convey consistency.  So Troy and Abed fight between the two halves of Greendale for space for the forts.

The episode had the same stylistic shooting of “Modern Warfare” and the other paintball episodes, plus the witty banter and jokes of the actors (one of my favorite include Dean Pelton asking “Does anyone ever actually go to class?”).  And it all came down to Troy and Abed.  The fight wasn’t really about pillows or blankets.  It was about their friendship.

“Pillows and Blankets” would have made a great season finale for Community, as it has all the right ingredients the best of Community has to offer.  It’s a shame that so little people watch it, plus the Emmys are likely to ignore it again (and they’ll probably nominate 30 Rock in its place), but as one of the dedicated fans, I wish for “six seasons and a movie.”


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