Posted by: ckckred | March 22, 2012

Trailer Analysis: The Three Stooges (Trailer 2)

I wrote about the first The Three Stooges trailer back in December, which I had mixed thoughts about.  Almost every reboot of an old classic (save for The Muppets) usually ends up badly.

And if the first trailer didn’t have enough gags, the second one features a montage of them.  Yet the trailer didn’t actually address the movie’s story, as did the first one.

To be fair, the original Three Stooges movies weren’t actually about the story and more about the jokes, but the movies have remained comedy landmarks for those classic comedy routines.

I’ll probably still watch it (out of my love for the original Three Stooges), but I doubt it will be a good film.


  1. So… it’s an hour and a half of people assaulting each other?

    • From the trailer, it pretty much looks like that.

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