Posted by: ckckred | March 19, 2012

The Return of Community! “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” Review

From left to right: Britta, a minister, and Jeff.

A lot has happened since Community took a hiatus back in December.  Jim Rash won an Oscar, a new Vacation movie will be made and may feature Chevy Chase, and, well, NBC is certain that COMMUNITY WILL GET A FOURTH SEASON!

I had to capitalize that last bit there.  The reason being is that NBC tried substituting 30 Rock in Community’s old time slot, where it got even worse ratings than Community did.  This probably made NBC realize no show could do well against CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (it even pushed American Idol down), so what did they have to lose?

The episode revolved around Shirley, who planned to remarry her old ex-husband while simultaneously start a sandwich business with Pierce.  At the same time, Troy and Abed were trying to act normal for Shirley’s wedding, and Jeff and Britta tried to talk about their hatred of weddings.

But I felt quite disappointed watching “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts”.  I was expecting a cultural reference to the hiatus or Jim Rash’s Oscar, but we didn’t get either.

The major plot of the episode felt to conflicted for a half an hour.  Shirley and her husband pretty much apologize after a few minutes of arguing, and immediately get married.  That feels a little unbelievable, and it would have been better if it were an hour-long episode.

But there were other strong parts of the episode.  I really enjoyed Pierce and Shirley’s pitch for the sandwich store, and there was some great character development between Britta and Jeff (I would have liked to see that focused more).  And of course there was Troy and Abed acting normal, which of course had to make you laugh.

So even though it wasn’t a great episode, it was still good.  It’s sad that Community keeps losing to The Big Bang Theory, a show that crams hundreds of nerd jokes in one episode and expects you to digest it.  But Community gives jokes through cultural references, sly jokes, and hilarious parodies PLUS it has far more relatable characters.  However, these days most people want to see characters that seem so outlandish.

NBC, thanks for bringing Community back.  Now just do us another favor and cancel Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?.  Please.



  1. I must check out this show. Great post

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