Posted by: ckckred | March 8, 2012

Editor’s Note: What’s Going on in March

Awards season capped off with the Oscars in February, meaning that movie season is officially over.  The next film I think that actually would be great is Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.  And that doesn’t come out until May.

This month, Hollywood is pushing out high-budgeted films like John Carter and The Hunger Games, the latter of which I may see.  But nothing this month really shots out to be really great.

However, it does look good for television.  Long waited returns for Community and South Park come up (the former on the 15th, the later on the 14th).  And after an 18 month hiatus, Mad Men will return to AMC on the 25th.

On April 1st (okay, it’s not technically March, but it’s close enough) Game of Thrones returns as well as (ironically) The Killing.

Well, that’s that.  I’ll be recapping news, analysis, and reviews later.


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