Posted by: ckckred | March 4, 2012

I now really want to see The Dictator

When I saw the trailer for The Dictator back in December, I was a little skeptical of the film.  The trailer made me laugh and I’m a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, but the movie is strikingly different from Cohen’s other movie works.  Take for example Borat.  The movie is excruciatingly funny not just because of the jokes, but the fact that most of the film was real and unscripted which caused audience member both horror and hilarity.  But The Dictator is a scripted film, and I thought it probably won’t have the same impact on audiences as Borat did.

During Oscar season, Cohen promoted both the Oscar nominated Hugo and The Dictator.  He campaigned to show up at the Oscars as his title character Admiral Aladeen from The Dictator, and made a retaliation video (see above) when the Oscars denied him from entering as Aladeen.  The Oscars lifted this ban, and allowed Cohen to enter as the character, where he hilariously spilled Kim Jong Il’s ashes on Ryan Seacrest (see below).

It’s easy to call Cohen’s stunts in bad taste, but I laughed really, really hard.  Cohen’s type of humor isn’t for all audiences, and I can see a group of parents and Ryan Seacrest fans complaining about the movie.  But now I think I’ll add The Dictator on one of my most anticipated movies of the year.


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