Posted by: ckckred | February 27, 2012

Oscar Updates: 2012

8:47: Great monologue by Billy Crystal, best since last time he hosted.  Hugo wins cinematography and art direction, the former being a surprise.

8:56: Nice video.  The Artist, deservingly and unsurprisingly, wins Best Costumes.

8:58: Okay, a bad turn for Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.  I’m not thrilled The Iron Lady winning Best Makeup.  But it was good I guess, and that’s deserving.

9:00: Putting Adam Sandler next to Morgan Freeman in a movie at the Oscars?  That’s just wierd.  But this video does evoke the sense of movies.

9:02: The show is at a strong start.  Billy Crystal great as usual.  But does anyone else hear a small jingle in the background?

9:08: Not a great joke by Sandra Bullock, who seems bored.  But cheers!  A Separation wins!

9:12: Good job, Octavia Spencer!

9:24: Again, good video.  But The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo over The Artist for editing?  Even the winners were surprised.

9:26: Hugo wins Sound Editing.  Guessed it.

9:28: Hugo wins Sound Mixing.  Great, emotional speech and another thanks to Martin Scorsese.

9:38: Very good (and strange) performance by Cirque de Solei.  Music by Tim Burton.

9:41: Best Documentary.  Presenter seems weird and not funny.  Undefeated?  That’s quite a surprise.

9:45: Chris Rock comes back.  I was sure if some one dropped a curse word, he’d be first.  Also, this is disrespectful to animators.  Didn’t they learn from 2005?

9:47: Cheers to Rango!  Good speech.

9:54: Bad chemistry between Stone and Stiller.  Jonah Hill gave a us a laugh though.

9:56: Hugo!  Deserved it completely!

9:58: Speaking of bad words: Melissa Leo!  She seems to stay on script this year.

10:01: Christopher Plummer wins!  He’s never won before and he’s the oldest Oscar winning actor ever!

10:09: Hilarious sketch by Billy Crystal.  Now the Oscars’ president.

10:14: Loudorvic Bource wins for The Artist for Best Score and pays tribute to fellow nominee John Williams.

10:18: Well, Brett McKenzie wins for The Muppets or Best Song.  Fun Fact: He worked on Flight of the Conchords, the hilarious musical TV show.

10:27: The Descendants wins Best Adapted Screenplay.  High five to Alexander Payne, Jim Rash (who hilariously parodied Angelina Jolie), and Nat Faxon.

10:30: Angelina Jolie can’t come back from Jim Rash.  Woody Allen wins for Midnight in Paris for Best Original Screenplay.  Good for him.  Preferred The Artist.

10:37: A look of the technology behind the movies.  Astonishing!  Last year I remember James Franco called them nerds.  Well, glad he’s gone.

10:41: The Shore wins Best Live Short.  The Scorsese drinking game comes back up.  Saving Face wins Best Short Documentary.

10:45: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore wins Best Animated Short.  Animation and childhood triumphs.  Good win.

10:53: Michel Hazanavicius wins for The Artist.  The film was brilliantly directed, and though I was rooting for Alexander Payne, I cannot express anything but praise.  Silence is golden.

10:55: Good into for Meryl Streep by Billy Crystal.  Also, nice praises for movie legends like James Earl Jones and Dick Smith, and for personal recognition to Oprah Winfrey!  Love the Board of Governors.

11:04: Emmys, this is what the Memoriam Section should be like.

11:13: Natalie Portman comes in to intro Best Actor.  The showdown between Clooney and Dujardin is nearing its end.

11:18: Jean Dujardin wins!  He was immensely believable as the silent film star George Valentin and gives a great speech.

11:24: Colin Firth comes to deliver whether Viola Davis or Meryl Streep will win the Oscar.  My vote goes to Viola Davis.

11:29: And the Oscar goes to… Meryl Streep?  Don’t get me wrong, she was good in The Iron Lady.  But  really, she was the only good thing in The Iron Lady, and if you think that’s her best work in 29 years, then you don’t watch movies.  The award should have gone to Davis.

11:33: Tom Cruise presents Best Picture.  The Oscar Best Picture montage seems to show all the films illustrating change.

11:36: The Artist wins Best Picture, the first silent film to win since Wings.  Great speeches, and a great night, plus Uggy.  Best Oscars for a long, long time.



  1. Great Oscars! I loved Billy Crystal’s opening number.

    • It wasn’t his strongest or best time hosting, but he gave a strong intro. Best Oscars for quite a while now.

  2. Great write up.
    How were the ratings for the Oscars?

    • About 39 million. I’ll write up a post about that soon.

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