Posted by: ckckred | February 16, 2012

Trailer Analysis: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Yes, it’s a real movie)

After seeing the trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I didn’t know what to think.  It reminds me of last year’s Cowboys and Aliens, which had the ridiculous concept of, well, cowboys versus aliens (instead of Native Americans like most westerns).

I’m not sure whether the movie wants to be, a drama or comedy, especially with that premise.  Does it want to be a parody of vampire films with the legendary president chopping them down?  Or is it supposed to be dramatic?

The film is produced by Tim Burton, whose tastes have reflected gothic and dark themes, yet retain a certain style of comedy, such as Sweeney Todd.  I’m a big fan of Burton, and I can see his interest in the film, but I’m not sure what the direction or aim of the movie is.

If you’re looking for a better adaption, you should probably wait for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln opening in December (it’s my most anticipated film of the year).  But even though I have a deep feeling in my gut Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be bad, I’ll give it a watch.



  1. That trailer actually has me more interested in seeing the film. I was afraid the film was going to be super campy but that does not look to be the case.

    • I wasn’t quite sure what to think after watching the trailer. Maybe it could be good, or it could end up like last year’s Cowboys and Aliens. But it does look interesting (how could it not be from the title) and I say it may be worth a look.

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