Posted by: ckckred | February 6, 2012

Giants win the Superbowl! Woohoo!

The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots at the 46th Superbowl at Indianapolis on Sunday.  As a Giants fan, I cheered, from that 36 yard pass Maningham caught to the final few seconds.

The game was great, and felt very fast paced, and I may have enjoyed it even more than 2008.  My love for the Giants has probably gone up after the game.

The score varied between the Giants and Patriots.  By the end of the first quarter, the Giants were winning 9-0, but by the end of the second, Patriots overtook them 10-9.  The third quarter got even more tension, as the Patriots scored one more touchdown with Tom Brady for 17.  But the Giants pushed ahead, and managed to win 21-17.

Eli Manning, the quarterback of the Giant’s and Payton Manning’s brother, received the MVP of the game, and gave a great speech.  The heads of the Giants complimented Indianapolis and the great players and fans of the Giants.

Now for the ads: I thought they were better this year than the last.  Sure, there were a surprising low amount of funny beer commercials, but there were some greats including one where a cheetah chases a guy, a dog bribes a man with Doritos, E*Trade, Geico (in the Postgame), and star featured ones with Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick.  Plus the Coca-Cola ones were great as usual.  I was disappointed with the Volkswagen commercial, which was better last year, and, well, the Godaddy ones are all pretty awful.

For the halftime show, it was… better than I thought it was going to be.  No, I didn’t enjoy it, but I had low expectations for Madonna, who, to her credit, was better than the infamous Supbowl halftime acts like Jesse Jackson and the Black Eye Peas last year (except for that part with M. I. A., who apparently dislikes the camera).  I’m pretty sure Madonna lip synced part of it, and all those star cameos were pretty bad (Cee Lo Greem?  How much does NBC want to advertise The Voice?)  Next year I wish they’d get a better singer or band.

That’s the game.  Did you enjoy it?

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