Posted by: ckckred | February 4, 2012

The Iron Lady: Disappointing and Dull

The Iron Lady feels a lot like parts taken from a PBS Documentary in an attempt to make a movie.  The film is poorly scripted, directed, and edited.  There is no overall narrative or point to the story.  There’s not much good in the movie.

The redeeming factor, or also the only reason why you should see it, is Meryl Streep, who does a good job in the film.  She plays Margret Thatcher, the first woman prime minister of England who served for 11 years between 1979-1990.  She’s often credited for winning the Cold War with Ronald Reagan and taking back the Falkland Islands.  Of coarse, she also had many terrible policies hugely unpopular with the English.

I never learned much about Thatcher, probably because in America we tend to focus about what we did in the world after World War II.  The movie could have done well with an interesting story on the Cold War (the nickname of Thatcher, “The Iron Lady”, comes from what the Soviets called her), but the movie quickly glances over it.  It pretty much glances over most of what she’s done.

The main story revolves around Thatcher, who imagines her diseased husband Dennis (Jim Broadbent) is still alive.  The rest of the movie is a series of flashbacks as her rise and terms as Prime Minister.

The strong part of the story revolves around the Falklands, or the islands near Argentina that belongs to England that no one really paid attention to then or now.  But as Argentina takes them, Thatcher demands them back, and declares war, despite being in a serious recession and budget crisis.

That could have been the strong part of the movie, but it was only a small part about it.  Most of the film, nothing really serious happen, except for riots against Thatcher and her in present day.

The direction is awkward, the editing is offbeat, and the story is poor.  The movie features good acting, but not enough to bring it up.

The film has much potential, but doesn’t know how to unlock it.  That’s too bad, because I think the producers could have made a good biopic if they did.


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