Posted by: ckckred | February 4, 2012

The Office Watch: Jury Duty

I’ve been highly critical of The Office this season, mostly because the show hasn’t seemed to match the others, and can’t step up without Steve Carell.  The newest episode, “Jury Duty”, may be a turn-around.

“Jury Duty” was not an all-around terrific episode, and I probably could be writing a post on Parks and Recreation instead.  But the episode managed to do what I wanted The Office to do in its earlier seasons.

I mentioned back in December that The Office was focusing on the wrong relationships and abandoning the old ones, which was true until this episode.  It finally brought back Angela and Dwight as Angela’s newborn baby could be Dwight’s son.

Though it was the subplot of the episode, it mainly carried it for me (the Jim/Jury Duty thing was okay).  This is what I’d like to see The Office do more instead of wander deeper and deeper in a hole.

Maybe The Office can’t be a great comedy anymore, but it can still be good, and that’s what I think the episode accomplished.


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