Posted by: ckckred | February 3, 2012

The Turn Around of the Oscar Race: The Rise of Hugo and The Help

After the SAG, DGA, and Golden Globes, the Oscar race has completely turned around.  The Artist is still the most likely winner, but the runner-up has swapped for the past couple of weeks.

For most of the time, it’s been The Descendants, Alexander Payne’s movie with George Clooney which I named as the best film of the year.  But now, it looks like Hugo or The Help can take The Descendants‘ place.

Let’s start off with Hugo.  Hugo has 11 nominations at the Oscars, the most of any film.  Usually the most nominated film wins the award.  Plus, the Golden Globes surprised us all by picking Martin Scorsese for Best Director, when most people were predicting a race between Michel Hazanavicius of The Artist and Alexander Payne for The Descendants.

However, Hugo didn’t get any acting nominations, and most films that win at least have a nomination for that.

Now for The Help.  The Help swept the SAG awards, and took Best Actress (Viola Davis) and Best Supporting Actress (Octavia Spencer).  The film has been one of the best reviewed films of the year, and it’s been one of the most popular.

However, the film didn’t secure a Best Director nomination at the Oscars, and every film that has  won managed to get a Best Director nomination.  I feel The Help has a better chance than some of the films that did get a Best Director nomination, such as The Tree of Life or Midnight in Paris.  But still not enough to boost it.

I still think The Descendants is in second, but the film didn’t receive editing or cinematography nominations, which The Artist did receive.  Those two nominations are very significant for winning.

So The Artist is still leading the Oscar field, with the other three films nipping at its feet.  We’ll see who will win February 26th.

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