Posted by: ckckred | February 2, 2012

Quick Reviews of Recent TV Shows

For those of you who noticed the lack of TV reviews on the blog these days, it’s because I’ve focused more of my attention on film because of the upcoming Oscars.  However, I’ve made a couple of quick reviews for you all to see.  These reviews may seem late, but this is the first full time I can show this.  I’ll try to post a full review of Luck later.


Rob Schneider is… a carrot!  That’s a joke from South Park, which featured three fictional trailers for Rob Schneider movies each with a ridiculus premise as Rob Schneider transforms from a stapler, a Derp de derp de derp (what Matt Stone and Trey Parker call “a bad joke”), to even Kenny.

Now, Rob Schneider is… a TV actor!  And a bad one too.  The show’s about Rob marrying a Mexican woman and meeting her family.  The show displays tons of stereotypes on Mexicans and an incredibly distrirbing scene featuring Rob, a grandmother, and hot candel wax.  Don’t watch it.

Napoleon Dynamite

An immensely nerdy high school student who thinks he’s a ninja has crazy misadventures in rural Idaho.  I’ve never seen the movie which the show is based off of, but the show is not particularly good or funny.  To be fair, it’s better than most of Fox’s other animation shows, though that’s not much of a contest.  If you were a fan of the movie, I’d guess you’d like it.


From J. J. Abrams, Alcatratz is about prisonors who disapeared from the legendary prison, and appear modern day.  Now it’s up Rebecca and Alcatratz expert Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia) to catch them.  The pilot is good, but not great, but it’s interesting, and I say keep your eye on it.


Like Alcatratz, Touch has an interesting premise.  The show centers on Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) and his son Jake, who can use mathematical functions to predict the future.  I like the premise, and Kiefer Sutherland plays his part here and proves he can be someone besides Jack Bauer.  The main worry I have for the show is it is from the same creator as Heroes, which quickly fell apart after season 1.



  1. I agree with pretty much everything you’re saying here. I don’t think I liked Alcatraz as much as you did, but Touch definitely looks like it could fall apart pretty easily and Rob made me physically ill after I first watched it.

    • Both Touch and Alcatraz have a lot of potential. Rob doesn’t, and it may be the worst show this year (unless you count Work It as a TV show).

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