Posted by: ckckred | January 28, 2012

Why the Oscars Should Stop Trying to Get The Younger Demo

It’s sad these days that award shows care about ratings more than quality.  The Emmys have tried by nominating high rated but pretty awful show like Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, and Glee.  The Golden Globes try to get big stars to come and nominate some pretty dreadful films (remember The Tourist).  And the Oscars have tried by getting hosts that appeal to a younger generation.

They’ve finally fixed that problem (at least this year) by hiring Billy Crystal, a former Oscar host who made them the must see event of the 90s.  But ever since his last stint in 2004, the Oscars have taken a downward spiral.  Chris Rock failed as an Oscar host and just tried to make too many edgy jokes, Ellen DeGeneres was too excited and jumpy, and last year’s stint with Anne Hathaway and James Franco was derided by critics and called the worst Oscars ever.

There were some good hosts in between those years.  I liked Jon Stewart’s performance, as well as Hugh Jackman (maybe because he did a Crystal-like opening) and Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.  But the later three did old-fashioned comedy routines, which appeal to the old moviegoers.

Now my point is for the Oscars to stop trying to get younger people to watch the Oscars.  I can immediately (unfortunately) tell you younger audiences these days aren’t interested in award shows because they think they’re too long.  And the wins they want to see can be accessed on Youtube the following day.  And by trying to lower the average age of the Oscars, many of the older audiences who watched the show before 2005 are starting to move away because they don’t like this new style of the Oscars.  That’s why the ratings are dropping, not because you’re not “hip” with the next generation.

So try to do what you did eight years ago: liken yourself as an actual film event.  I’ll start to take you seriously then.


  1. I’d love for the Oscars to become an actual film event- I just think you’d need to get rid of the conservative crowd that keeps nominating the safe choices and dragging the Oscars down into a cheap popularity contest.

    • The Oscars have been trying desperately hard to play it cool with younger audiences, and that hasn’t worked at all. I wish instead of focusing their attention on them, should should focus on films like Drive (which should have been nominated)

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