Posted by: ckckred | January 28, 2012

The Chuck Finale: Satisfying and Redeeming

Note: This contains spoilers on the finale of Chuck.  Don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode.

Most finales don’t usually represent the best of the show.  Most people label Seinfeld‘s finale as the worst of the series, and fans of The Sopranos have often complained about those last few seconds.  Then there’s the good finale of a show that’s been weak for a long time, such as M*A*S*H and Entourage.  And fortunately, Chuck joins the latter category.

I never knew how Chuck would end.  I always assumed that Chuck would finally get Sarah, but that happened in season 3.  Then I assumed their marriage would be the finale.  That was season 4.  Season 5 decided to test the will of their relationship.

Quinn, the final villain of the Chuck who wants to duplicate the Intersect without all the glitches, has brainwashed Sarah into believing her relationship with Chuck has been a coverup, and that Chuck, Morgan, and Casey have killed Bryce Larkin.  Quinn tells Sarah to kill Chuck and take the Intersect away.

Eventually, Sarah discovers Quinn was lying, but she doesn’t remember all the experiences she had with Chuck.  It’s kind of like a plot of a cheesy romance film, where the guy has to win back the girl (Morgan suggests Chuck should kiss Sarah to bring back the memories like an old Disney film).

As the series ended, Quinn is taken down before trying to kill General Beckman by bombing a concert hall (though you can also thank Jeffster for that, the musical combination of Jeff and Lester).  And the bomb is taken down the same way in the pilot of Chuck, by using a computer  virus.

Throughout the episode, old clips from past seasons of Chuck are played and reminded me why I loved the show.  Sure, I’ve been hard on the past few seasons, but I do have an affection for Chuck and his gang.

And the show concluded with a happy ending: Quinn is dead and Chuck’s back with the intersect, Ellie and Captain Awesome are moving to Chicago, Morgan and Casey’s daughter Alex move in together, Casey tries to get back together with Gertrude, and Chuck and Sarah finally get the ending they deserve.  Chuck retells all of their adventures in the final scene, and they kiss.

It’s a good ending for a good show.  And now I feel it was worth sticking around for this episode.


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