Posted by: ckckred | January 26, 2012

An Office Spin-Off With Dwight? Could Work

Deadline reports that NBC is planning a spin-off of The Office starring Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight, for the midseason lineup in 2013.  What?

The story would involve Dwight returning to Schrute farms, which he is a beet farmer, and serve a family bed and breakfast there.

This idea isn’t from Gregg Daniels, who developed The Office for US television, but from Rainn Wilson and executive producer Paul Lieberstein, who also plays Toby on the show.

Parks and Recreation, Gregg Daniel’s other show, was supposed to be a spin-off of The Office, but changed to make the characters more original.  But is there hope for this spin-off.

Spin-off shows work in two different ways.  You can have Frasier, which worked extremely after spinning off of Cheers, or you could have Joey, the failed spin-off of Friends, or After-M*A*S*H, the completely unmemorable spin-off of M*A*S*H.

I say it would be better to end The Office first before they make this show.  After all, Dwight is the best element in the flailing series.  But I say I’d like to see how this show works.  Dwight is my favorite character on The Office after Michael Scott, and he’s one of the very few reasons you should still watch the show.  The Office is weak enough right now, and taking away Dwight could make it weaker.

The series sounds like it could succeed, so when it comes around next year I’ll watch.



  1. I agree that Dwight’s one of the few things keeping The Office alive, but to make this spin-off work they’ve really gotta build up some great characters to live alongside Dwight and Mose on the beet farm. What makes those characters great is that they’re practically insane- I think that for this to work, there has to be some kind of really compelling normal character who’s a regular on the show. In order for Dwight to be funny, you need a Jim-style counterpart to make his antics seem even nuttier.

    • The other problem with the spin-off is that the characters might seem too cartoonish. I think you’re right that they need a character who’s like Jim. Maybe every week, a new house guest comes and sees the antic of the Schrutes?

  2. […] but as it turns out, season 9 will be the last of the show.  This may have to coincide with the spin-off featuring Dwight.  Or it may have to do with show’s dwindling fan base (less than five million viewers each […]

  3. […] in last January when NBC announced their intentions of creating a spin-off of The Office with Dwight about him operating his farm with his family, most people greeted it as one of the next signs of […]

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