Posted by: ckckred | January 21, 2012

A Charleston Chew: Colbert and Cain?

Over the past week on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert announced he couldn’t be on the South Carolina Republican ballot, but Herman Cain, who left the campaign a few months ago, actually still was.  So Colbert told his viewers that if they voted for Herman Cain, he may consider a run for Republican president.  “The Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super Pac” put some ads up for Herman Cain featuring Stephen (see below).

And on Wednesday, Colbert announced he’d be at Charleston, South Carolina to hold a rally with none other than Herman Cain.  The rally was held at 1 on Friday and you could see the video below.

Colbert’s speech was funny, but what really made me laugh was that Herman Cain actually appeared to the song “This Little Light of Mine.”  Given how Colbert has mocked him on so many episodes, I surprised he show’d up.

How did you feel Colbert’s rally went?


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