Posted by: ckckred | January 19, 2012

A Bone Movie? Should There Be One?

I remember picking up my first Bone book.  The series graphic novel started back in the early 90s as a comic book series.  And over a span of 10 years, those comics were turned into graphic novels, and colorized not that long ago.  The reason why I love Bone is because it’s a series that displays much comic humor through the Bone cousins and the two bumbling rat creatures and has a dramatic story (the war between the humans and rat creatures, the possible rise of the Lord of the Locusts, Nim, etc.).  So should a movie be made of it?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dan Lin of Lin Pictures has picked up the project in 2008, and will produce the film under Warner Bros., with Patrick Sean Smith, who wrote Greek for ABC Family, as the screenwriter, and P. J. Hogan is set to direct.

Listen, I’ve always imagined what a telling of the Bone novels would be like.  I love the work, and Jeff Smith is a hugely underrated cartoonist.  Plus, there hasn’t been many good adaptions of graphic novels on the big screen (look at every Zach Snyder movie besides 300).

The project is probably going to be animated, since it is under Animal Logic, the same studio behind Happy Feet 2 and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.  This is what also worries me, because neither of these films were particularly good.

Anyway, whether you hope that the big screen should take up Jeff Smith’s epic tale is up to you.  I’m just hoping for a strong adaption.



  1. I was just thinking they should make a movie on this haha!

    On a separate note, since we are using the same blog them I thought you would be the best person to go to with a problem i’m having. Where did you get your custom picture to go as your header? I’ve been using google but can’t seem to find any decent ones for the size it requires. Any help matey?

    • Strangely enough, I was thinking about a Bone movie too.

      Anyway, to change the custom picture, go the dashboard, than click appearance. Click the subcategory header below it, and you can choose the file for the picture of your blog.

  2. If you want to protest against SOPA go to your dashboard, click the general settings and it’ll give you the option on the left side to put the banner on your blog!

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