Posted by: ckckred | January 18, 2012

Globes Do Nothing to Clear Descendants-Artist Race

Though both The Descendants and The Artist were in separate categories (The Descendants for Best Picture Drama, The Artist for Best Picture Musical or Comedy), they were both nominated at the Globes for Best Director.  It was the biggest award of the night, as it was the strongest predictor of the Oscar Best Picture winner that night.  And when it came down between Alexander Payne for The Descendants and Michael Hazanavicius for The Artist, the winner was… Martin Scorsese for Hugo.

That was a big surprise, but I didn’t mind seeing Scorsese win.  After all, Hugo is brilliantly directed, and Scorsese is one of the greatest filmmakers ever.  What I’m annoyed is it hasn’t cleared the race between The Descendants and The Artist.  The Best Director award is usually the best predictor for Best Picture, as in the past 10 years only one film has won Best Picture without Best Director, Crash, which is often identified as one of the greatest Oscar upsets ever.

Maybe the Globes didn’t want to make the hard decision between Payne and Hazanavicius, so they picked Scorsese.  That does make sense, seeing how both The Descendants and The Artist took home both the Best Picture awards for their genre.

But the Globes didn’t really make a change in the Oscar race between The Descendants and The Artist, though it has raised Hugo’s Oscar chances.  Anyway, I’ll post who I want to be nominated at the Oscars later this week.


  1. Whether people like it or not, Martin Scorsese deserved it. That’s my view of it anyway.

    On the note of Best Picture for the Oscars, I think The Descendants is going to steal the show.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I liked seeing Scorsese win, and I hope to see Hugo take nominations for best picture, director, music, production, and visual effects. I’m rooting for The Descendants at the Oscars this year too.

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