Posted by: ckckred | January 15, 2012

Stereotypes on Television

If anything has been recognizable for this current season of television, it’s that there are a lot of stereotype jokes.  And I mean a lot.

Take for example CBS’ 2 Broke Girls.  When they’re not making an crude joke, the Asian manager plays out a stereotypical role, saying pretty much everything in a thick Chinese accent.  At the TCA, critics questioned why co-creator Michael King added a stereotype in his show, which he fumbled to find a strong response.

2 Broke Girls isn’t the only offender here.  Rob Schneider’s new show, ¡Rob!, also crosses the line.  In the show, Rob Schneider’s character Rob marries a Mexican woman and goes to meet her family.  There he goes to discover that her family is very large, and then goes to make jokes about birth control.

I don’t believe that the writers are racist, or maybe even mean to offend anyone.  I think they believe audiences find stereotypes funny.  The problem is they’re exploiting the stereotypes to a point where it seems to be extremely racist.  S here is what I suggest you do:

2 Broke Girls: There’s a lot of things to do to fix this show, but my suggestion for this is to stop exploiting every Asian stereotype on the manager.  He can still have a thick Chinese accent, but make him say things that are generally funny, not just some stereotyped lines.

¡Rob!: Okay, the entire show is based around the family, so at first look it seems you can’t do anything.  But you can.  Stop exploiting the worst Mexican stereotypes of border and immigration jokes.  And the jokes about how large Rob’s new family is.  Actually, that’s pretty much all of the show’s material, maybe CBS should just cancel it.



  1. Thanks for a great laugh.

    • No problem.

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