Posted by: ckckred | January 7, 2012

Work It: Awful, Unfunny, and Uncalled For

I wrote about cross dressing a few months ago about the TV show Work It and the upcoming Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill.  I talked about cross dressing gems, such as Some Like It Hot, Tootsie, Monty Python, and Mrs. Doubtfire, but Jack and Jill was as bad as it looked.  It got a dreadful 2% on Rotten Tomatoes, plus it looks like it might be the headliner for the Razzies.

Looks like Work It is the TV version of Jack and Jill.  It may be the worse show of the year, and I didn’t think that’d happen until Rob Schneider returns to TV.

Okay, the plot.  Lee (Ben Koldyke) lost his job a year ago when Pontiac went down.  When his last pay check went down, his family, consisting of his wife and daughter, beg him to try to find a new job.  Lee goes to the bar (he’s out of a job, but yet he can go to the bar each night) with his best friend Angel (Prison Break‘s Amaury Nolasco) who also lost his job at Pontiac, and Brian (John Caparula, playing the most annoying character on TV).  Soon, Brian just goes on a random rampage how the recession is actually a mancession, with men losing more jobs then women.

That’s actually not true.  Men did lose more jobs than women when the recession started.  But in 2011, more men gained jobs than women did.  Plus, men still get paid a lot more than women do.

But maybe Brian’s just a girlaphobe.  Anyway, when Lee goes to his doctor’s office, he discovers there are open jobs as salesmen for a pharmaceuticals company.  Problem is, they only hire women (isn’t that discrimination, though they do use a pretty crude joke to describe why).

So Lee comes up with the idea that he and Angel should dress up as women to get jobs.  Brilliant, huh?

Actually, not.  The disguises Lee and Angel wear are the equivalent of putting a dress on a rhino.  They obviously are men, but no one apparently notices.

Not only this, but the show inflicts every stereotype there is in the book.  Angel tries to get Lee to get his a job at the pharmaceuticals by saying “Come on, I’m Puerto Rican.  I’d be great at selling drugs”.  Not to mention the thousands of stereotypes about women.  All the women in the show care about are shopping and clothes.  Plus, when Angel fixes his boss’ car, his female coworkers wonder how he did that.  Because a woman knowing how to fix a car is obviously a man in disguise.

The show is a blatant rip-off of the 80s show Bosom Buddies, where the two main characters played by Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari dress as women to get into an all lady’s apartment building.  And although that show’s considered a blip compared to the rest of Tom Hank’s career, it actually was quite funny.  Work It takes the same premise, but doesn’t have either the writing or the talent of the show.

Work It is the latest product of the men TV shows which call men today wimps and women tough.  These also include Last Man Standing, Man Up!, and How to be a Gentleman.  All have been cancelled except Last Man Standing, which was the worst of them until Work It came around.  In comparison, Last Man Standing looks like Seinfeld.

Work It got some controversy at GLAAD, who said the show was offensive to transgenders.  I feel they could take it a step further, and say the show is offensive to the unemployed, women, and anyone with a thinking brain.


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