Posted by: ckckred | January 2, 2012

Favorite TV Show of the Year: Parks and Recreation

Note: I still need to catch up on a few TV shows, such as Breaking Bad, so this is the favorite show I saw this year.

Parks and Recreation was made by Gregg Daniels and Michael Schur, who developed The Office for US television.  The show was about an eccentric parks and recreation worker named Leslie Knope who worked in the Midwest town of Pawnee, Indiana.  Amy Poehler entered the show as Leslie Knope, and the show began during midseason on NBC.

The first season didn’t work out too great.  The problem was Leslie Knope was too much of the center of the show and a little bit too similar to Michael Scott from The Office, and many of the other characters weren’t too well written.  When NBC announced they renewed the show for a second season, many critics were surprised, seeing the show wasn’t a ratings or critical hit.

Turns out the renewal  was NBC’s best decision of the year.  During the second season, Parks and Recreation took The Office’s place as TV’s best comedy (though The Office’s sixth season wasn’t that great).  The reason being is that the writers improved the characters.  They made Leslie Knope more intelligent, and gave more emphasis on the supporting characters, particularly Ron Swanson, who became a Chuck Norris-like figure.  And the town of Pawnee took a big role in the show, as the characters moved from one place to another.

Unfortunately, the show did not receive high ratings, so once season 3 for midseason.  Worse of all for the show, the horrendous Outsourced took its timeslot.

When Parks and Rec came back in January 2011, it was on fire.  It made season 2 look like season 1.  The writers had successfully adapted two new characters Ben (the underappreciated actor Adam Scott) and Chris (Rob Lowe).  During the season, there was the harvest fest, a camping trip, and a funeral for the town’s horse Lil’ Sebastian.  Pretty much every episode during the season was an instant classic.

Season 4 has gotten off to a good start too, as the show focused on Leslie’s upcoming election for mayor and her relationship with Ben.  But one thing I don’t understand is why award shows haven’t paid attention to Parks and Rec.  The show did get a few Emmy nominations, but only for Bet Comedy and Best Actress (Amy Poehler).  What about Supporting Actor (Nick Offerman, Aziz Azari, Adam Scott, Chris Pratt… well, you can pretty much say anybody) or for the spectacular writing.  And the SAG and Golden Globes should pay more attention too, especially over the attention of Glee.

But no matter what, Parks and Rec has set itself to be my favorite show of the year.  There’s no show I await to watch each week more than Parks and Rec.  Even the weaker episodes are funnier than many shows’ best.  Well, I hope this show will one day receive the attention it deserves.



  1. I totally agree with you. I cant figure it out how Emmy voters believe Modern Family is best comedy for two years.

    • I do like Modern Family, but it’s current and last season weren’t that great. But I like Parks and Recreation far more, and I don’t understand how it lost to Modern Family at this year’s Emmys.

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