Posted by: ckckred | December 31, 2011

Biggest Disappointments 2011

Since we’re narrowing down to the new year, I’m going to make write up a few end of the year lists.  Anyway, here are what I thought are the biggest disappointments of the year, between movies and television.  Biggest disappointments doesn’t mean they’re bad, it just means they haven’t filled my or audiences’ expectations.  Here we go.


J. Edgar: The film was originally perceived to be an awards darling.  But a middling response has killed the award hopes of Clint Eastwood’s film.

Cowboys & Aliens: The title was silly, but I did have high hopes for the film.  However, when I saw part of the movie on TV, I wondered why anyone would try such a bad concept.


Terra Nova: The most anticipated show of the fall season focused more on the special effects than it did on the humans.  And when it did focus on the human characters, it focused on the little kiddies.  The show grew better over time, but it still grabs a spot here.

The Walking Dead: I’m not a viewer of The Walking Dead, because I don’t like horror. But based on the people and critics I know who have watched it, season two has sounded disappointing.

The Killing: What started as an intriguing murder mystery, and AMC’s best show since Breaking Bad, quickly fell apart, and its ending probably got rid of any last fans the show had.

The X Factor: Okay, I didn’t have high hopes for this, and regular readers know I don’t like reality TV.  But I at least expected it to be different from American Idol, but it ended up as a dull replica.



  1. I agree with many of your thoughts except I believe the jury might still be out for Terra Nova. How are it’s ratings?

    • Fox expected dinosaur size ratings, but the show premiered to around 9 million viewers, and has been dwindling since. Whether Fox will renew the show is unknown yet, but don’t think its canceled yet. The show could still come back on air.

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