Posted by: ckckred | December 29, 2011

The 7X7 Award: I’ve been nominated!

Fellow WordPress critic Matt Stewart has nominated me for a 7X7 Award, a WordPress award.  I’d like to thank him for the nomination, as I am a big fan of his blog.

Well, to accept the nomination, you must do a few things.  The first thing is to say something about myself that no one else knows.  So here we go…

Never mind, I can’t really think of anything.  For the next part, I have to choose posts that fit the following criteria.

Most Beautiful Piece: If I had to pick, I’d choose my review of The Descendants, which ranks as my favorite post.

Most Helpful Piece: This one was tricky, but I decided to pick my post entitled “Netflix vs. Actually Buying a DVD”.  In the post, I talk about the benefits of Netflix compared to one of a store bought DVD.

Most Popular Piece: One of my first posts discussing about the TV season, “A Week Full of Posts All in One” is the most commented and popular post I made.

Most Controversial Piece: My most controversial piece isn’t still up.  It was an extension of my worst TV show list.  I got a few complaints that it was overkill, so I took it down within the hour.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: One of my earliest posts was a review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It was okay considering most of my early posts weren’t that great.  But it was one of the most viewed posts for weeks.

Most Underrated Piece: This one I have some trouble with, because I generally see most of my work the same, except the early posts.  If I had to pick, I’d pick my book review of “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”.

Most Pride-worthy Piece: I’d also have to pick my review of The Descendants for this one.

Now, I have to nominate seven other posts.  Here we go…

John James Damico:




It’s just plain old me:

Small Screens Adie:

My Top 10 of Everything:


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