Posted by: ckckred | December 26, 2011

Netflix vs. Actually Buying a DVD

On Christmas, my family knew what to get me: movies.  I got copies of Rain Man, The English Patient, and Platoon.  I like having DVDs, but everyone tells me couldn’t I just use Netflix?

I do use Netflix a lot really, mostly for the online streaming.  I mean with it you can get episodes of many TV shows and tons of movies.  It’s the ultimate movie-watching dream.  Yet for many films, I prefer to get a hard copy instead.  Why?

Well, I like the idea of owning DVDs.  With Netflix you can rent them, but sooner or later, you’ll have to send them back (unless you’re streaming it through your computer).  But with DVDs you actually own, you can pretty much watch films anywhere.  You can’t stream Netflix out of the country, but you can bring your own DVD, unless you want to take the risk of losing a rented DVD.

Okay, maybe my logic doesn’t make much since.  Why do I pay $20 for one DVD when I can get an unlimited amount for $7.99 a month?  Well, it’s because I like owning a DVD.  When I watch a film on Netflix, I don’t feel like I actually have the film in my computer.  I like a sense of ownership, and buying DVDs does that for me.

I know, it’s a stupid decision moneywise.  But I like having DVDs, and I’m too stubborn to stop buying them.


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