Posted by: ckckred | December 23, 2011

Favorite TV Episode of the Year: Goodbye, Michael

Note: I can’t see every TV episode, and I still need to catch up on some episodes.

My favorite TV shows of the year list will come out later, and I’ll write my favorite movie list maybe on New Year’s Eve.  But now, I’ll tell you my favorite TV episode of the year is The Office episode “Goodbye, Michael”.

The episode, written by Gregg Daniels, who adapted The Office to the United States and in my opinion has crafted some of the best episode, and directed by Paul Feig, creator of Freaks and Geeks and recent director of Bridesmaids, is about the departure of Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin.  Michael tells the employees he is leaving in a few days, but the truth is, today is his last day.  He doesn’t want people to know this because it’s hard for him to say goodbye.

Throughout the episode, Michael gives his employees goodbye gifts.  He gives Kevin a hilarious caricature as Kevin as a pig, then rips it up, believing he just gave Kevin some self-encouragement.  Michael gives Oscar a scarecrow-like doll, and then laughs, saying it represents Oscar’s low opinion on Michael.

But what makes the episode so great is Steve Carell.  Carell’s performance of Michael Scott, as I have said before, even surpasses Ricky Gervais’ David Brent.  And Carell pushes Michael to his finest.  The episode made me laugh out harder than I ever did than anything else this year, and made me cry more too.  The moment Jim told Michael what a great boss and friend he was made me feel how I thought the show was as a whole: The Office wasn’t about the workplace, but the relationships there.  Over the past seven seasons we’ve seen Michael as an oaf, but he was a lovable oaf.

It may be the Emmys’ biggest shame that Carell has never won for his role as Michael Scott.  But at least he left The Office with a bang.


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