Posted by: ckckred | December 23, 2011

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Snubbed

At the beginning of Oscar season, most critics and award analysts predicted Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to be an Oscar frontrunner.  It has a screenplay from Eric Roth, the academy-award winner of Forrest Gump.  It stars both Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, both two big stars and Oscar winners.  Yet so far, it’s been ignored.  It didn’t make the AFI’s best films of the year list, and didn’t receive a single nomination from the Golden Globes.  What’s wrong?

What I think is getting the film ignored is the content.  I wrote before that after 9/11, most media and TV runners were careful on their approaches.  Jon Stewart had a terrific monologue, discussing about how he could see the World Trade Center from his apartment.  South Park came back with a hilarious episode satirizing Bin Laden with a spoof of Looney Tunes, with Cartman as Bugs Bunny and Bin Laden as Elmer Fudd.  But there was also Bill Maher’s infamous speech where he called US missile launching cowardly.  Shortly after that, ABC canceled his show and fired him.  Movies haven’t had a successful approach to 9/11.  Remember Reign Over Me, World Trade Center, or United 93?  Probably not.

But Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close can still get an Oscar nomination.  It has received multiple critic’s nominations.  The question is will Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close be a top 5 frontrunner at the Oscars?  Only time will tell.


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