Posted by: ckckred | December 22, 2011

Post-Carell Office: What Needs To Be Fixed

After the first half of The Office‘s eighth season was finished, I looked back at some old episodes from the previous seasons and thought that the show lacked the spark which Steve Carell had on it.

The eighth season has so far been a group of mediocre episodes with sometimes a few good laughs.  When Andy was announced as the new regional manager at the beginning of the season, I was thrilled.  Ed Helms is rising as a comic, and Andy is not to different from Michael Scott.  But he’s become too annoying, and too similar to Michael.  When The Office first started, the biggest concern was that Steve Carell’s Michael Scott would be a replica of Ricky Gervais’ David Brent.  But it didn’t happen because Carell made Michael into a likable bumbling boss instead of Ricky Gervais’ cold buffoon.  I feel that Michael Scott may rank as one of the top 5 comedy characters, even higher than David Brent.  But the writers have made Andy to Michael what they tried to avoid to do to Michael from Brent: they made Andy too similar to Michael.  I feel it’d be more suitable if Dwight or Jim were boss.

But Andy doesn’t get all the blame.  James Spader’s Robert California has become a too awkward character.  In his first appearance, Robert was funny because he was like a Jedi Knight performing mind tricks.  But now he’s become just the strange CEO who doesn’t really seem to have much of a purpose.

But there are ways too fix The Office.  Here are my ideas.

1) Axe out Erin

Perhaps I’m sounding a little harsh with this one.  But Erin has too go.  Ever since her introduction on the show, she has done nothing but annoy me.  She’s not funny, and I feel her relationship with Andy is too forced, and tries to replicate Jim and Pam’s too much.  Oh yeah, that reminds me.

2) Not too many relationships

The romance between Jim and Pam worked.  So did Michael and Holly and Dwight and Angela.  But Jim and Pam are married now, and the writers have seemed to permanently forgotten about the romance between Dwight and Angela.  Instead, they focused on Erin and Andy, Daryl and the new female warehouse worker, and even now Robert California with his ex-wife.  That’s too much, and none have proven likable for the show.  Try to focus on Angela’s relationship with the senator and Dwight’s reaction.  Also…

3) Do what you do best, give it more cringe-ability

The British Office is far darker than the US version, but the US one still uses (and is funniest) when it makes you cringe the most.  Didn’t make you laugh when you saw Michael label all the employees with ethnic labels.  Or when Dwight tries to kill a bat, only ending up putting it in a trash bag with Meredith.  Or the time Michael tried to make it comfortable for a former convict to come into the office.  The list is endless.  You don’t have to go too dark, but don’t try to avoid it.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I can still enjoy a new episode.  But in order to get back its former glory, The Office doesn’t need to bring back Michael.  It just needs to reorder itself.



  1. I love The Office as much as anyone, but I honestly think they should just quit the show. It’s been a great run and it doesn’t need to go on too long.

    Nice post!

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