Posted by: ckckred | December 19, 2011

Worst Movies and TV Shows of the Year

My Best of the Year List will come soon, but right now, I’ll tell you my least favorites.  Now keep in mind:

a)    I haven’t seen some of them.  What?  Do you think I want to see bad movies?  So I am also basing this off any other sources like reviews and trailers.

b)   I’ll try to keep it even throughout the year.  Something I thought was bad back in March might be worse than something I put on my list, yet I forgot to put it on.  This might happen for a few shows.

c)    I’ll categorize some.  For example, I’ll put all the “Men” comedies (Man Up!  Last Man Standing) into a category

d)   Remember to post your least favorites below!

Movies: (In No Particular Order)

Breaking Dawn: Part 1: Yes, another Twilight film about vampires versus werewolves.  I’m not too sure where this vampire obsession comes from, but I can tell you just from the trailer this film just looks bad.

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star: Produced by Adam Sandler and starring Nick Swardson as a goofy looking nerd.  Thanks to the trailer for this film, I got the words “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star—Rated R!” in my head.  It got a rare 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and flopped in theaters.  Though this isn’t the only Sandler film on my list…

Just Go With It: I saw this film on the plane, and it looked as bad as it was.  Adam Sandler stars as a successful surgeon in LA (how come Adam Sandler can’t make a movie where he doesn’t play a rich guy in LA?) who pretends to be divorcing his assistant to get this girl who thought he was married.  This also stars Jenifer Aniston and Nick Swardson, who’s Sandler’s sidekick in the film.  Let me just tell to just go without it.

Jack and Jill: Is there anything funny in Jack and Jill?  Well, it did inspire a hilarious parody from South Park and there’s a trailer mash up with George C. Scott complaining.  But the film, where Adam Sandler plays Jack!  And Jill!  Makes Sandler’s Grown Ups look like Tootsie.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon: I actually hated this more than I did the second film.  Why?  Because it’s stupider, clumsier, gives no reason why Megan Fox’s character is gone, and well… actually grows boring after a while (yes, Michael Bay has overdone Transformers to the extent that giant robots fighting have gotten boring).

Zookeeper: Kevin James plays a zookeeper where animals tell him how to win back his ex-girlfriend.  Also, there’s a gorilla who likes to go to T. G. I. Fridays.  I laughed how bad that sounded after seeing the trailer.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked: I feel bad for David Cross for being in this film.  If you’ve ever seen Arrested Development, who’d know how funny he is.  But this sequel involving chipmunks stranded on a deserted island just looks (and based on the reviews, is) horrendous.

The Smurfs: Again, same thing I said about David Cross before I say the same to you, Neil Patrick Harris.  Taking out a bunch of small blue people from a beloved kid’s cartoon and putting them into the real world just sounds like Scooby Doo all over again.


The Paul Reiser Show: Paul Reiser though it’s be funny if he ripped off Curb Your Enthusiasm and put it on NBC.  Problem is, he forgot Curb’s spirit and hilarity.

Charlie’s Angels: Like the Knight Rider reboot from 2008, this show took a cheesy, awful 80s show, and made a cheesy, awful 2011 show.

The Mad Men Rip-Offs: Both Pan Am and The Playboy Club got fire for being network copies of the stupendous Mad Men.  Except if you want to copy one of the best shows on TV, at least try to make it decent.  Also, I have no idea how these shows were supposed to support feminism.

The Men Shows: Apparently, men becoming big wimps who play video games all day and (gasp!) don’t know how to change tires.  Tim Allen’s dreadful Last Man Standing, the faulty Man Up!, and How to Be A Gentleman all taught us that TV executives should focus on something else.  Unfortunately, there’s still that upcoming Work It.

Womanly Comedies: No, I don’t believe that women are unfunny.  Amy Poehler is an excellent lead for Parks and Recreation, TV’s best comedy.  I’m simply talking about Whitney Cummings, who made the dumb and vulgar 2 Broke Girls and the even worse Whitney.  They both reminded me why do people keep on making multi-camera sitcoms?

Kardashians Overload: Before this year, I’ve never heard of the Kardashians.  Now that I have, I can just tell you that they’re annoying, disgraceful, and way too over-talked about.

Jersey Shore: Why wouldn’t this show make it?

83rd Oscars: This year actually had some decent winners.  Problem is, it was the worst Oscar telecast in history, thanks to an overexcited Anne Hathaway and a drugged out James Franco.  This may actually be the worst thing on TV this year.

(Update: Sorry, I forgot to put multiple other bad TV shows, like Allen Gregory, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and multiple reality TV shows.

Anything you think is bad?  Put down some ones below.  I’ll try to update my list.



  1. I could not agree more with some of these picks. Whitney is absolutely horrible. It’s not funny, just dumb. And anything with Kardashians or Twilight has got to go.

    • I have no idea why NBC is letting Whitney go on instead of Community. Whitney only has .5 million more viewers than Community, but that comes from the massive advertising campaign NBC has pulled out for it, plus Community is on the same time as The Big Bang Theory.
      And I don’t know anyone who likes the Kardashians or Twilight, and I can’t see how anyone can stand it.

  2. Good post! Agree on the ones that I have seen, except I did hate the Dark of the Moon quite as much a you did.

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