Posted by: ckckred | December 18, 2011

What Hurt the Globe Contenders: Their Reputations

On, the best site for predicting award shows, a post came out discussing one thing preventing many nominations or wins for the possible contenders are, well, the contenders themselves.  This may sound confusing at first, but the Globes may be unwilling to give nomination or awards to stars who have high reputations in film.

The post mentioned Steven Spielberg first.  Spielberg’s new film War Horse has ridden a ride of critical success, and looked like it would take nominations for best drama and director at the Globes.  But what about Steven Spielberg’s other two war films (not counting 1941) he made, Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.  Schindler’s List is my favorite Spielberg film, and swept pretty much every awards show that year.  Saving Private Ryan did the same (except for Best Picture at the Oscars, which may be one of Oscars biggest goofs of all time).  So when the Globes saw the film, they might have though “It’s no Schindler’s List” and gave the best director nomination Spielberg should have received to George Clooney for Ides of March.

Now take Clint Eastwood’s film J. Edgar.  At the beginning of Oscar season, I thought J. Edgar would be going head to head with The Descendants at award shows.  But once the film was released, most critics felt negatively about the film, and it received a 42% on Rotten Tomatoes and only recieved a nomination for Leonardo DiCapprio.  Could this have to do with Eastwood’s past reputation of films like Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River?

This part is where I think the theory falls apart.  Spielberg’s War Horse has received tremendous reviews from the people who’ve seen it so far.  It’s Time Magazine’s top 5 movie of the year, and is listed on A. O. Scott’s best films of the year and on the AFI 2011 List (though, to be fair, so is J. Edgar).  Eastwood’s film, however, hasn’t received such a warm response.  So you could say J. Edgar didn’t get nominated because of the reviews.

I feel it more has to do with the Globes being the Globes.  They want stars to come to the awards, so they gave George Clooney Steven Spielberg’s spot for best director for Ides of March, though Clooney’s also nominated for best actor for The Descendants.  I guess they thought Spielberg will already come for the Best Picture nomination.

But it’s always to hard to predict the Globes.  Sometimes I feel like they’re like the Family Guy writers: manatees who pick Random balls with the nominations on them.


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