Posted by: ckckred | December 10, 2011

Mythbusters Hit House With a Canon Ball

On Wednesday, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, the hosts of Mythbusters, worked on an episode surveying the damage a 30-pound canon ball had on a Dublin house.  When co-hosts Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara were calibrating a home-made cannon to the power of real one, which sent the steel or cast iron ball sailing, bouncing on a driveway, through a home, across a multi-lane road, against the roof of a second home, and into a minivan, but fortuanetly no one was hurt (San Francisco Chronicle).

Discovery has immediately taken higher safety protocalls and Adam Savage said, ““It’s a wake-up call. Honestly, the feeling of embarrassment is not something we’re indulging in right now. We feel for the families and the people affected by this…. Some people watch our show and think that we’re reckless. Others watch our show and they see we take safety seriously. The fact is, the latter is the case.”

I feel bad for the Mythbusters getting in trouble.  The fact is their show isn’t just explosions, but the best reality show on TV.  I know the house owners are probably angry at Discovery for the incident, but I hope not angry enough to go to court.

Hopefully, Mythbusters will carry out this myth another time.


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