Posted by: ckckred | December 10, 2011

Madonna at the Super Bowl: What are they thinking?

Madonna is now going to be performing at this year’s Super Bowl.  And yes, it’s in 2012.

Now before you say, “why”, let me just say that I completely agree with you if you don’t want Madonna at the Super Bowl.  For those of you who do, how old are you?

It’s just that Madonna is really old for a singer.  And not the good, classic old like the Rolling Stones.  The creepy, disturbing kind of old that was popular 30 years ago.

I don’t mind 80’s singers performing at the Super Bowl.  I loved when Bruce Springsteen performed in 2009, and when U2 performed in 2002.  But Madonna falls with Prince in the category of “who actually likes them” list.  And when was the last time she made an album?

But for the past 8 years, the Super Bowl has been going for classic artists, ever since the infamous 2004 Jessie Jackson incident.  But last year, they hired The Black Eyed Pea, who proved that using computer beats and auto tuning their voices sounds even worse live.

Anyway, the Super Bowl will play on NBC this year.  Unfortunately, they’re wasting the post spot to The Voice, when they should give it to Parks and Recreation or Community.  But it’s NBC.  And when they want good, they call Madonna and Christina Aguilera.


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