Posted by: ckckred | December 10, 2011

Is Ricky Gervais’ Return to Hosting a Symbol for Better Nominations?

The Golden Globes are an award show famous for its populist beliefs and known to accept bribery.  For example, last years Burlesque was nominated after the producers greeted the heads of the Globes for tickets to a Cher concert, and after Toby Maguire sent the Globes free Blue-Ray Players, he received a nomination for the largely unknown Brothers.  And in television, the Globes are known to award shows that are more watched than critically praised (Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty) are known winners at the Globes.  This provided Ricky Gervais much comic material at the Golden Globes.

Now that the Globes asked Gervais to return, is it an omen that the Globes would improve their choice this year?  Could be.  Why would the Globes try to be mocked again by Gervais?

But perhaps not.  The Globes are the most ridiculed award show.  They’re pretty much the People’s Choice Awards, where popularity outranks credibility.  And nothing could change that.

But I actually wouldn’t mind too much to see them pick bad nominations again.  It will supply Gervais with great material.


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