Posted by: ckckred | November 23, 2011

Apparently My Review of Family Guy was Too Harsh

I’ve received some complaints on my review on Family Guy, the nonsensical animated TV series made by Seth MacFarlane.  I said “The characters are thinly drawn, and the jokes never have anything to do with the plot.”  I said I put my basis on some episodes I have seen, where as my critics (yes, critics have critics) say I should not base this off the newer episodes and watch some of the older ones.  And I did.  And they’re funnier.  But I’m not changing my review at all.

Look, the older episodes of Family Guy are superior than the newer episodes.  But they still face the same problem: writers making up runaway gags that rarely serve the plot.  What do giant chickens have anything with the story?

This is the problem Family Guy has always had, and its the reason I will never respect the show.  I have friends who watch it, and I don’t complain to them about it.  But its my personal opinion that the show is lazily written.  You don’t have to have it.


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