Posted by: ckckred | November 10, 2011

When I Don’t Write a Post in a Few Days, Something Really Big Happens at the Oscars

Over the weekend, I only had time to publish one post.  So now, I can write up a big one.

What happened when I was away, well was, Oscar producer and director of Tower Heist Brett Ratner (who’ve I heard from fellow colleagues may be the worst director EVER) said some nasty comments about Olivia Munn and some things that quickly got the attention of GLAAD.  SO he resigned as Oscar Producer.  And before I can say anything quicker, Eddie Murphy has resigned as host.


Okay, I’m kind of happy Ratner’s gone.  I felt his comments were rude, and I’ve never liked him anyway.

But believe it or not, I’m disappointed Eddie Murphy’s not going to host.  I saw Tower Heist and enjoyed his performance in it (the movie is poorly plotted and extremely unrealistic, but Murphy clearly rises in it).  With Murphy as host, I thought that he would go for a Ricky Gervais-style performance.  But I don’t think Murphy wants to go to the Oscars without Ratner.

But the big question now is who’s going to host?  Looks like the Oscars now need to find a new man for the job.  Right now, I’m suggesting a safe crowd pleaser like Billy Crystal, but I feel they might try to find someone like Murphy to host.

[Update: Brian Grazer has signed on for the producer of the Oscars, taking Ratner’s place.  I’m glad about this.}


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