Posted by: ckckred | November 7, 2011

South Park: 1% Review

When South Park Studios announced the new episode this week would revolve around Occupy Wall Street, I assumed it would be the major point of the episode.  Whenever South Park does a news-related episode, it usually the center of the plot.

“1%” was different.  The story started that Cartman, whose health and cholesterol match a 70 year-old man, which brought down the school’s health average to the lowest in the country.  The presidential health center demands that South Park Elementary takes away recess for extra P. E. time.  Naturally, everyone gets angry at Cartman, who believes the 99% are ganging up on him.

But this was the subplot of the episode.  The heart was the story between Cartman and his stuffed animals.  Out of all the kids in South Park, Cartman’s the most childish.  He’s really never grown up.  And he uses his stuffed animals just like the way Mr. Garrison used Mr. Hat: to interpret his feelings.

It was sad (and also immensely funny) to see Eric’s stuffed animals being killed and mutilated (“Eric… Staaaay cool”).  But whether the murders were the work of Polly Prissy Pants or Eric himself, we saw him for once grow up.  The episode reflects this season’s theme of growing up and moving on.

RIP Clyde Frog.


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