Posted by: ckckred | October 29, 2011

Chuck The Final Season Begins… Disappointingly

When Chuck came out in 2007, it was the year’s biggest surprise.  It was an action show about a nerd turned spy that featured actors like Adam Baldwin, and a cheap, wierd concept that would seem more suitable for USA or CBS than NBC.  But Chuck was surprisingly funny and fresh, and the first two seasons were critically praised, but under-loved.  By the time the third season came, however, the show started losing its concept, and in the fourth, the show fell apart.  So I was hoping the fifth season would be more like the first two now that Chuck is  regular person now without the Intersect.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  In the episode, Chuck is now a billionaire working with Sarah, Casey, and Morgan (who is now the new Intersect) in a spy company Carmichael Industries.  Pretty much, Chuck is now a dead serious guy who seems different than the lovable nerd from the first two.  Chuck has finished a transformation from zero to hero.  And even though he’s not the Intersect anymore, he still acts dead serious and seems to miss the feeling.

But I feel Chuck’s transformation is wrong for the show.  The fresh brand of humor Chuck brought proved to be more than just nerd jokes, as opposed to The Big Bang Theory.  It was a fresh comedy that was also a fresh drama.

In the episode, Chuck tries to buy Sarah a nice house while trying to stop a giant Pozzi Scheme.  By the end of the episode though, Chuck’s enemy at the CIA, Clyde Decker, has froze Chuck’s money, leaving Chuck and Sarah penniless.  Well, there’ still the Buy More.

I will still try to keep a look on Chuck, and try to review the finale.  But if the show wants to retain interest (especially since it had about 3.5 million viewers last night, which is low, even for NBC), it needs to rethink its characters and revamp its plot.


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