Posted by: ckckred | October 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen Lands on FX

Charlie Sheen has found a new home to land his show, Anger Management, the land of opportunity and freedom: basic cable.  What?

FX has agreed to pick up 10 episodes Charlie Sheen’s new show Anger Management.  FX, which has created a group of critically praised but award ignored shows, seems to have much faith in Sheen.  The channel plays reruns of Sheen’s old show Two and a Half Men all the time.

There are two things that just annoy me in this situation: 1. Charlie Sheen is winning.  I have a strong dislike for Charlie Sheen, and it makes me angry that such a selfish, arrogant jerk is succeeding.  And 2. Why would FX do something like this?  It’s a smart idea rating-wise.  After all, Sheen did make Two and a Half Men the highest rated comedy of the last decade.  But I feel FX is selling out it’s originality.  FX shows tend to be praised and beloved by critics.  That does not describe really any of the work Charlie Sheen has done in the past decade.

What’s really surprising is that if the 10 episodes do well, they will pick up another 90 episodes.  What?  That’s a risky deal that most channels would pass on.  But then again, FX seems to love Sheen.  And they want the rest of us to love him too.



  1. I wonder how many viewers they expect. Charlie Sheen seems to be one lucky guy… must be that tiger blood!

    • FX wants really high ratings for the show to get 90 more episodes. Maybe not the 14 million Sheen got on CBS, but that for basic cable numbers, like 5 million

      • Any idea how much he’s being paid?

      • Less than the 2 million he made for 2 1/2 Men, but still over 1 million and episode.

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