Posted by: ckckred | October 24, 2011

Cross Dressing: Since When is It Cool Again?

Coming up on both the big and little screens are Jack and Jill and Work It, which are two cross dressing comedies.  What?

Don’t get me wrong, cross dressing can be pretty funny.  Look at Some Like It Hot, Tootsie, and Mrs. Doubtfire.  They were all great movies.  Note movies.

For the TV show Work It to work, it has to keep using a system of jokes that revolve around men dressing as women.  In the show, a couple of guys realize that women are taking over the work place.  So they come up with a great idea: why not men dress as women to get jobs?

That’s about the stupidest idea for a show this season, and that includes the reboot of Charlie’s Angels.  The show has to keep using the same idea over and over again, and the jokes are already stale in the first episode, judging by the trailer.  Plus, doesn’t it seem blatantly obvious that they are men dressed up as women?

Then, Adam Sandler plays Jack!  And Jill!  That was a line from South Park episode where the boys see the trailer for Adam Sandler’s new movie.  There really aren’t any good Adam Sandler films, and I mostly watch them in airplanes or when I’m bored on Netflix.  But the movie is most likely going to be as stupid as it looks.

Pretty much, Jack (Adam Sandler) is a rich, smart guy who lives in LA, which pretty much seems to be every Adam Sandler character.  But his twin sister Jill (also Sandler) comes, and pretty much annoys and embarrasses him as much as possible.

I can tell you it’s probably going to give off some dumb laughs, but in total is going to be dumb.



  1. […] TV, it’s easy to spot terrible shows.  I predicted that Work It would be dreadful just based off the trailer, and boy, was I right.  Not only was Work It critically panned (it received a 19 on Metacritic), […]

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